Ryan Davis devotes himself to using the arts as a conduit to integrate social inquiry with academia; whether that be as a coordinator or practicing artist. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and is currently based in Brooklyn, NY, employed by Wave Hill as the Family Art Project Weekend Coordinator. At Wave Hill he assists in overseeing operations of the development and execution of FAP. In his time since moving to NYC, he’s exhibited at the International Print Center of New York; assisted in their education department; and coordinated a mural for the non-profit program The Door Youth Center for the youth to paint. As well, he has coordinated projects and exhibited internationally, which has introduced him to a wide demographic. He uses these experiences to further his personal mission and to be an asset to his working environment and artistry.


The feeling you get when walk down the East side of a street, oppose to your usual walk on the West side of the street: vulnerability, exchange, power, and will are but a few feelings and thoughts that encroach on our perspective as we encounter we typically see everyday. It is this experience I work to replicate through my exploration of identity, community, and storytelling and destabilizing fixed narratives of identity.

My work explores these themes through a multitude of projects including oil painting, audio & video, silkscreening and more recently collaging. With each medium provides a deeper and new perspective on the same subjects. In maintaining a sense of community and expressing a multitude of perspectives, I often times utilize the same individuals across different pieces. Whereas my silkscreen prints function to appear as communal set of pieces, the oil paintings which consist a few select individuals from the silkscreen print series are larger than life prints focused on the individual. Each series of works within its respective medium builds from another.

Though not interdisciplinary in the traditional sense, this process has taken on it’s own way of encapsulating multidimensional identity. This ultimately guiding me towards my interest in showing, shifting and destabilizing fixed perspectives of identity.