Master of Fine Arts in Painting + Drawing, Ohio University, Athens, OH, 2016

(studied with John Sabraw, Robert Peppers, & Julie Dummermuth)

Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2-Dimensional Studies, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH, 2012

(studied with Mille Guldbeck, Charles Kanwischer, & Matt Davis)



• Graduate Creative & Scholarly Activity Travel Support, Ohio University, 2015

• Full Graduate Tuition Waiver Scholarship, Ohio University, 2013-15

• Ishmon and Terri Burks Award, African American Arts Exhibitions, 2015

• Graduate Creative & Scholarly Activity Travel Support, Ohio University, 2014

• School of Art Creative/Scholarly Activity Award, Ohio University, 2013

• Graduate Assistantship Stipend, Ohio University, 2013

• Palmer Scholarship Travel Grant, The Toledo Museum of Art, 2012

• 1st place in Painting, Undergraduate Art & Design Exhibition, BGSU, 2011

• Honorary Mention, Art Scene Today Online Competition, artscenetoday.com, 2011

• 2nd place in Graphic Design, Undergrad Art & Design Exhibition, BGSU, 2010

• Incoming Freshman Talent Scholarship, BGSU, 2008



• New Prints 2017/Winter, International Print Center New York, New York, NY, 2017

• Resolutions: More Art, Wash Park Art, Cincinnati, OH, 2017

• 23rd African American Arts Exhibition, Actors Theatre Gallery, Louisville, KY, 2017

• Athens International Film + Video Festival, Athens, OH 2016

• Polyvocal Mixtape: Positionality, Athens, OH 2016

• Paint Is Thicker Than Water, Rio Grande, OH 2016

• I Can’t Breath Exhibition, Chicago, IL, 2015

• Changeling, Majestic Annex, Nelsonville, OH, 2015

• 21st African American Arts Exhibition, Actors Theatre Gallery, Louisville, KY, 2015

• Neoteric, Majestic Galleries, Nelsonville, OH, 2015

• Hybrid Identities International Experimental Video Art Festival, Mediterráneo Centro Artistico, Almeria Spain, 2014

• Hidden Rooms International Video Art Exhibition, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy, 2014

• 2014 YAAW Alumni Exhibition, Toledo, OH, 2014

• Never Enough Space Exhibition, Cube 4, Ohio University, 2014

• Sur Saint Clair ArtWalk Exhibition, Sur Saint Clair, Toledo, OH, 2012

• Bachelor of Fine Arts Show Exhibition, Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery, BGSU, 2012

• Joy To The World, Art Scene Today Online Exhibition, artscenetoday.com, 2011

• BGSU Undergraduate Art & Design Show, Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery, BGSU, 2011

• BGSU Undergraduate Art & Design Show, Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery, BGSU, 2010

• Scholastic Art & Writing Exhibition, Art Machine, Cincinnati, OH, 2008



• BETWIXT Coffee, Brooklyn, NY, 2016

• Dagara Music Center, Ghana, West Africa, 2012

• Mural, Toledo, OH, 2011

• Mural, Toledo, OH, 2011


TEACHING EXPERIENCE (Instructor-of-Record)

Intersectional Approaches, Painting + Drawing Area, Ohio University, Spring 2016

This course seeks to challenge students to use an intersectional framework in thinking about how to make, view, and synthesize artwork. We will explore contemporary practices in painting, drawing and interdisciplinary techniques as it relates to it’s societal assumptions in conjunction with ones own perceptions.

Art and Hip Hop, Arts and Humanities, Ohio University, Summer, 2016, ’15

Art and Hip Hop explores this phenomenon within the context of traditional and contemporary art; polyculturalism and multiculturalism; activism and politics; and gender and race.

Figure Drawing, Painting + Drawing Area, Ohio University, Fall 2015

Introduces topical/thematic approaches to art-making emphasizing single and multi- (and/or inter-) disciplinarily.

Introduction to Painting, Painting + Drawing Area, Ohio University, Spring 2015

Introduction to Painting develops fundamental skills and techniques in painting with emphasis on creative expression, perception, and composition.


TEACHING EXPERIENCE (Teaching Assistant)

Traditional Practices in Painting, (Assisted John Sabraw), Ohio University, Fall, 2014

Development of formal, technical, and conceptual attitudes in painting. Investigating problems in painting, recent developments, and formal concepts.

Figure Drawing, (Assisted Lauren Rice), Ohio University, Spring, 2014

Introduces topical/thematic approaches to art-making emphasizing single and multi- (and/or inter-) disciplinarily.

Structure Foundations, (Assisted Alex Hibbitt), Ohio University, Fall, 2013

Structure explores structure as it can be applied to physical, organizational, conceptual, spatial, contextual, and fixed as well as plastic approaches in the consideration of and making of art and design.

Young Artists At Work, (Assisted Courtney Fillion), The Arts Commission, Summer, 2012, ‘11

The objective of YAAW is to provide an intensive arts experience that fosters artistic selfexpression and a quality work ethic that can impact the youth throughout adulthood.

Peer Facilitator, Arts BG, (Assisted Marce Dupay), BGSU, Fall 2009

Assist in creating a dialogue in art appreciation and observations in the contemporary contexts of arts presence.



Family Art Project Weekend Coordinator, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY, 2018-Current

Artist-led, hands-on workshops incorporating a range of techniques and natural material introducing families to traditional and contemporary art-making around the world.

Mural Coordinator, The Door, Winter 2018

As mural coordinator I collected information from students about their Bronx community through dialogue and sketching to develop a mural for them to paint. The Door helps disconnected youth in New York City providing a multitude of service.

Gallery Assistant, OXHEART, Lower East Side, NYC, Summer, 2015

Assist in coordinating exhibitions and related events with the intent of building relationship with various non-profit organizations, art-makers and art-lovers alike.

Program Coordinator Internship, The Arts Commission, Toledo, OH, Summer, 2011

Assist in coordinating public art events in the city of Toledo. As well to foster environments that creates dialogue amongst artists and non-artists alike.



• Perspectives, I.M.A.G.E. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2018

Challenge the conditions that shape/color/feed our perspectives on reality.

• Abstraction in Isolation, Alden Library, Athens, OH, 2013

Each artists works are grouped and isolated from the surrounding environment in a way that each work of art can only be viewed by one individual at a time.



• Graduate Student Senate Original Works Grant, selection committee, 2015



• Davis, Ryan. Masking: The Art of Manifestation, Quiet Lunch Issue 4, 2017

• Davis, Ryan. The Art of Fear: The Act of Making Art Post Graduate School, Naturestudies.com, 2016

• Davis, Ryan. Because The Internet: Micro-Genres and The Individualistic Revolution in Music, Jettison Magazine, 2016

• Davis, Ryan. Graphic Design: Food For Thought, Blurb, 2010



• Penny, Mad. Featured Artist: Ryan Davis. Jettison Magazine 2016

• Powell, Dennis E. Nelsonville gallery reopens nearly a year after fire, The Athens News, 2016

• Catalog: Actors Theatre Gallery, 2015

• WBGU-TV. Creative Economy of Northwest Ohio, WBGU Documentaries, 2011



• Roundtable: Alternative Careers in the Visual Arts, College Art Association (CAA), New York, NY, 2019

• Black On Both Sides, International Print Center of New York (IPCNY), 2017

• Portfolio Presentation, Seeing and Knowing Visual Arts, Ohio University, 2015



• Printmaking, Stanley Isaac Center, 2017



• Majestic Galleries, Nelsonville, OH, 2014