I watch about 4-8 Ted Talks a week. I don’t generally go into them planning to gain some sort of existential or grand value out of them (don’t take that as criticism if that is the case for you). Honestly, I find them entertaining in the same way I find a television show entertaining. Somewhat of a odd comparison but the things I learn about that I wasn’t aware of before like the science and math related stuff don’t necessarily stick in my brain enough for to me pull it out at some point later in life. Of the 4-8 Ted Talks that I watch a week at least half are motivation videos. One of which is the video posted to this entry. In fact I was actually watching this video today and it made me think of two things. Being an artist is hard not only because the opportunities for jobs are a little more scarce then your average 9 to 5. Also because everyone – what seems like everyone – wants to always recommend that you settle for “resume” building stuff and to have a stable like and later in life if your dreams come then they come. You typically get that from parents or those close to you. The second thing it made me think of is something one of my former instructors at Ohio University, where I currently attend Graduate school, would say which is “luck is preparation meeting opportunity” – or something to that effect. I’ve always been adamant about soaking in information but I am just now translating that into preparation. Every interaction and experience is a learning tool for what to do or not to do and I encourage everyone to put themselves in a position for opportunity by always being in preparation mode. Whether that means taking a crappy job because it gives you the time to search the avenues of where your dream job may be or holding out from a good paying job if it doesn’t allow any way for you to be who you want to be or do what you want to do. I’m aware of how the world works and what I am saying sounds optimistically improbably but this is how I will choose to live my life.